Fire Ant Season EP

by Fire Ant Season

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released November 19, 2013




Fire Ant Season Texas

half-hearted melodies and full-hearted tragedies

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Track Name: Pride and Perilous
It’s taken twenty-five years to get to where I am and I’ll tell you man, it’s still a half-hearted, confused and un-thought out plan, thought I had it all figured out in 2007, where I wanted to go and I still believed in heaven. Had a girlfriend, had a job and I had so many friends, now I lack them all and I’m a deadbeat trying to make amends

If there’s one thing I could change about the way that my brain syncs, it’d be to stop caring so much about what other people think, dictation from the masses and I’m leaning on a crutch of my own design that hasn't helped me very much. Had a life and I had a car and I had some dignity and now I’m just a bastard clinging onto the thought of liberty

For the past seven years of my life I've followed the thoughts of others and the opinions that I've swallowed have gotten me on a one-way ticket to misery and now I’m unhappy and will continue to be.
Track Name: Abortionship
I would like to rip out all of the pages from your favorite books and burn them in our fireplace so I can heat up your cup of tea and I would like to change out your shampoo bottle and fill it with Nair, so that your self-confidence is shattered, but that’s why I’ll always be here and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me, or never find out, that it was me that left the windows up and killed your dog when we had that drought, I just want you to need me and have nothing else or anyone, complete dependence, yeah that’s my interest, and I won’t stop until I’m done.

Don’t you see that no one else will love you more or ever will, I’m the best that you’ll ever have, so don’t even think of running away, I already systematically have fucked your brain to do as I please, never arguing through all the pain and I’ve destroyed all of your dreams, from your anguish I derive so much goddamn pleasure, it’s like a drug, I probably need you more than you need me, though I’ll never admit to the fact of, if you truly left me then I’d have nothing left, no revival, that is of course ‘til I found someone new and then continue with the same cycle.
Track Name: India Pale Hell
There’s a pile of empty bottles glistening from the crack underneath my door, there’s so many reasons for them that I can’t blame you anymore, these days just pass more dispossessed, but with every night, I’m just caring less, I drew into myself until there’s nothing left but hate, this isolation was once a prison, now it’s a garden that I cultivate

You can masturbate until the cows come home, you can curse your fate that you’re still alone, but in time the unbearable it just gets worse, I hope there’s bottle service in my hearse

I was talking to a girl from a town just a ways from me, both trapped in East Texas, regretting not becoming what we’d never be and I guess I could tell that I was her third choice at best, but in destitute times you take what you get, she showed up one night and we fucked on the floor, next time she calls, I’ll probably just ignore

You can raise your fist to a starlit sky, you can repeat the same patterns until you die or you can sing your whole life on the stage of God’s calling, he’ll rip out your throat as the curtains are falling

You can raise your first to a starlit sky and repeat the same patterns until you die, you can sing your life on the stage of God’s calling, but he’ll rip out your throat as the curtains are falling.
Track Name: Vehemency
This one goes out to all the people who love me

This one goes out to all the people who hate me

And I don’t know what the difference is

As long as I’m getting your attention, I’ll still have another reason to live, so thank you for your time. Please don’t forget me.

I’ll cling to you like an STD because you give me a reason to breathe, I’ll hold on tight like a pubic lice because you give me what I need. I’ll hang around like chlamydia because you give me the satisfaction of knowing that I am not alone, oh no, I am not alone.

Help me to be alright, so that I may fight this fight.

Help me to understand, I’ll learn it second-hand

So thank you for your confidence and I appreciate your ignorance, for what it’s worth, I can fall asleep tonight. I can fall asleep.